streams audio play-by-play of competitive tennis from around the world. 

All broadcasts are live over the Internet and there is no cost to listen to a broadcast. is considered the industry leader in the field of live audio streaming of professional tennis…having steamed over 2,000 tournaments from around the world. covers the spectrum of competitive tennis having streamed everything from the US Open Tennis Championships in New York, to John McEnroe exhibitions in Costa Rica, to the South Pacific International Junior Championships in Fiji. streams just about everything. Professional, college, juniors and exhibitions. is for the tennis fan that understands that an exciting and competitive tennis match can take place just as easily in a qualifying match in Thailand, as it can be on Center Court Wimbledon.

Great tennis is taking place somewhere in the world every day, and brings these matches to the international tennis community. Objectives:

  • Provide tennis fans around the world with a wide variety of tennis experiences
  • Provide tournament directors with a low-cost means to broadcast their tournament
  • Provide advertisers with an inexpensive way to reach the perfect “tennis target market”

There really is nothing quite like Passionate, insightful, entertaining and 100% free.

So… if you’re a tennis fan who enjoys following tournaments from around the world… or a tournament director trying to find aan inexpensive broadcast media platform… or a business simply trying to reach the tennis consumer… is perfect for you. ”Tennis Has Never Sounded So Good”